Exhibits of particular interest are

• Our new Mortar, the Keble Mortar, purchased during the winter months, is on display. This leaded-bronze mortar is the largest recorded, dated and named example from the foundry of Edward Neale of Burford. Standing almost 11 inches high, this beautiful object has come back to Burford where it was cast in 1659. The name of its first owner, Francis Keble, is shown on the band of lettering below the founder’s initials and shield mark. More information is available in the Museum.


• The long vellum roll of the burgesses’ rules (1605), with it echoes of the merchant guild.


• The decorated charter from Henry VII granting a fair


• A collection of locally stitched samplers


• A doll’s house that is modelled on the Great House in Witney Street portraying Regency high society.


• Exhibits portraying the various crafts and trades that once flourished here, recalled in displays of tools and wares used in bell-founding, quarrying, roofing, brewing and coopering, rope-making, saddlery and souvenirs


• We also have a large photographic collection, a sample of which can be viewed in the Museum